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Some kind words from our current and former students. If you have benefitted from Tai Chi and Qigong, please send us a note. Improvement in health and wellness is our total objective and nothing makes our day than to hear that it is working for you.

“I began Tai Chi. Chi Gong and Shibashi with Paul Casper well over a year ago in Paul Casper’s basement with him at the helm. At first I was skeptical having been an advocate of weight training. After a few sessions, I began to realize a definite improvement in soreness of the muscles and joints. In addition, my balance improved considerably. Best of all there is no stress whatever in the exercise, and it is suitable for all ages, particularly those of us seniors. You can even benefit by exercising while sitting down. I would highly recommend it for anyone. My doctors have also encouraged me tocontinue. Our classes have outgrown the original venue they are now available at the Legacy Dance Center in Clyde and the Laurel Ridge Country Club several days a week at absolutely no cost. ”                       John P Manos, Waynesville

“I can definitely tell a big difference in my balance since beginning your class. I feel our movements also work to loosen our joints and increase flexibility to some extent.  It’s like you say, if it hurts don’t do it. Let’s not forget our social interaction which is a great benefit for us all. Thank you for all your time, and efforts you put into giving so many the opportunity to try and improve their health. ”        
Nancy Manos, Waynesville
“Having been blessed,so far, with good health, I have been devoted to qiquong as a beneficial and enjoyable way to try to stay as healthy as possible during these senior years.  Our grandchildren range in age from 26 to 1 and each demands physical activity when we are together…. from walking the stands in football stadiums… to fast paced games of  hide and seek.  My daily routine of qiqong often finds the grandkids intrigued enough to join in.  The mental exercise of “making up stories” to help remember the sequence of movements is  fun, humorous, and creative.. a way to connect mind and body.  Being a retired teacher, I like the structure , friendships, and new information during classes.  
I certainly appreciate the focus on balance and mindfulness to prevent falls.  The exercise, itself, I find so easy to do as it requires no special clothes and can be “squished in” the time available from 4 minutes commercial breaks to 15 minutes music program.  Our teacher and class are non-judgmental so it is truly a stress-free environment. Any friend that attends for the first time can participate and enjoy the class immediately.   It is good to be a part of an exercise , Qiqong , that has utmost praise from doctors, therapists, and researchers.”   
Kitten Ervin, Waynesville, NC

“Having not stepped a foot in a dance studio in over 40 years, I was sluggish, slow, and stressed when I started Paul’s classes.  Now after only a few weeks, I already feel more ‘stretched out’, sure footed and serene.  It’s amazing to discover after all these years that movement is still a source of such physical, mental, and emotional well-being.”  Merritt Hampton, Lake Junaluska, Chapel Hill

“How grateful I am to be in Tai Chi with Linda. After 4 back surgeries last summer I had trouble with momentum. Not now. I can walk the length of our classroom with no support. As I leave each time I give her the Tai Chi salute, as she is truly a master.” – Ron Hall

“I started taking the 24 Form of TaiChi from Linda Schlensker in the summer of 2017.  Linda is an amazing teacher, who can break down what appears to be a complicated movement into something that makes sense.  She is always concerned about moving safely without injuring ourselves and showing individuals alternate ways to move is something hurts.   I add this class to my highlights of my week!” – Linda

“I have been learning and practicing the Tai Chi 24 and 73 Form with Linda for a couple of years now.  Linda is a very dedicated instructor who makes sure her participants are learning, growing and enjoying Tai Chi.  You will enjoy having Linda as an instructor.” –  Judi B

NOTE:  This testimony is from an understandably biased source…the ‘proprietor’, Paul Casper.  Take it with a grain of salt!  However, it is a good history of how this reborn version of got started.

“Two years ago I suffered a serious heart episode that motivated me to search for a more gentle form of exercise.  That search resulted in my discovery of Tai Chi.  As an engineer, I was accustomed to researching everything, so I set out to determine if this stuff called Tai Chi really worked.  The more I researched, the more I was astounded.  How was it possible that such a gentle, “no pain, BIG gain” exercise regimen could produce such a wide spectrum of health benefits?    Eventually, I realized that the movements indeed were not directly responsible for the results….it takes the brain plus the breath in combination with the movements to work the magic on the body.  Thus Tai Chi, and it’s mother Qigong, do what we perhaps have failed to do in Western medicine….engage the brain fully in realizing and sustaining good health and wellness.  Very soon, my blood pressure went from about 130/85 to 106/70.  My balance became much better.  My mental state became more positive, more tolerant of every day aggravations, and I just started feeling glad to be alive.  So, with the help of some friends, we established the availability of Tai Chi and Qigong classes, and set out to light a fire under both in Haywood county.  We are very proud that we now sponsor 5 classes each week and anticipate more in the future.”      Paul Casper, Waynesville

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